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Corning, California

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Saint Bernards For Sale

 Please contact us to find out about upcoming litters and current availability of St. Bernard puppies and young adults.

Contact Omar V. Herman Kennels at (530) 824-4766 or Click Here to Reserve a Saint Bernard Puppy

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Saint Bernard Breeders

AKC Saint Bernard Puppies and Young Adult Dogs For Sale By Experienced St. Bernard Breeders in California

Omar V. Herman Kennels has decades of experience in breeding and raising exceptional AKC registered Saint Bernards. As a dedicated Saint Bernard breeder we are pleased to offer quality Saint Bernard puppies for sale to loving, responsible owners. Saint Bernard puppies can be shipped within the USA. Contact us for more information from our breeders or to reserve your Saint Bernard puppy.

It all started with a Saint Bernard named Herman, the namesake of Omar v. Herman Kennels.

Saint Bernard Breeders

A Champion with a distinguished show career, Herman was the foundation for generations of outstanding Saint Bernards, such as those shown here. 

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Available Saint Bernard Coat Types

Saint Bernard puppies are available in both coat types:

  • Shorthaired Saint Bernard Puppies

  • Longhaired St. Bernard Puppies

For current Saint Bernard puppy availability and other questions, please view our Puppy News Page, or contact us by email or telephone.

You may also wish to fill out our convenient online puppy reservation form here to reserve your Saint Bernard puppy.

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